The Catapult APK Mod

By installing on your mobile phone our new Money Mod you can replenish your game balance with money and stones in the game The Catapult.

The Catapult is a quality 2D arcade game on android that reveals the story of the bold stikman. He is able to defend his home from the enemies. The enemy uses a variety of catapults and that’s why you need to get ahead of the enemy defeating his army faster. Shoot the enemy’s firing points before he has time to aim, pick up trophies, improve the fighting mechanism, so that your weapons become more accurate and powerful. The gameplay is not so simple so train and train.

Take advantage of all the benefits that our new Money Mod gives you to improve the game The Catapult.


The Catapult APK Mod The Catapult APK Mod The Catapult APK Mod


Download The Catapult : Money Mod

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