Pixel Road 3D APK Mod

Discover the unique opportunity to make unlimited purchases in the game Pixel Road 3D with the help of our Money Mod.

You have to control the movement of the running hero. Click on the screen to change the direction of your character. Lead your hero through the road and do not go beyond the edge of the road. Collect diamonds on the way, if you want to increase your reward. Open new characters and unlock new worlds. Lead the hero along the track over a lake of hot lava, over a deep sea and even along a road in a near-earth orbit.

Install our unique Money Mod and get even more features in the game.


Pixel Road 3D APK Mod Pixel Road 3D APK Mod Pixel Road 3D APK Mod Pixel Road 3D APK Mod


Download Pixel Road 3D : Money Mod

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