Lichtspeer APK Mod

Discover the world of free and unlimited purchases in the game Lichtspeer by taking advantage of the possibilities of our unique Money Mod.

Lichtspeer is an interesting adventure project for android. You will go to the future with monsters and survival becomes an art. In this game you will manage the envoy of the gods who was sent down to earth in order to restore balance in the universe. Our hero will be equipped with a luminiferous spear, that he must throw at enemies and kill as many penguins, wurstsombs and giant ice hipsters as possible. Manage your character and improve his skills as you progress through the game.

Take advantage of our amazing Money Mod to get even more positive emotions from the wonderful game Lichtspeer.


Lichtspeer APK Mod Lichtspeer APK Mod Lichtspeer APK Mod


Download Lichtspeer : Money Mod

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