Heroes and Puzzles APK Mod

Use our new VIP Mod for the game Heroes and Puzzles that will give you the maximum level of attack, always your move, 1000 gold, diamonds and glory.

Heroes and Puzzles is an incredible role-playing game with the mechanics of fighting in the style of “three in a row.” The territory of the once peaceful kingdom turned into a mess of robber’s bands, detachments of deserters, soldiers of the aggressor country, the rising of the undead and various kinds of monsters who strive to have fun in such expanse. You are ordered to form a defender team of your country. Choose the best ones in your opinion and make order on the streets of the city.

Take advantage of our unique VIP Mod to get the most out of the game Heroes and Puzzles.


Heroes and Puzzles APK Mod Heroes and Puzzles APK Mod Heroes and Puzzles APK Mod


Download Heroes and Puzzles: VIP Mod

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