Clyde's Escape APK Mod

Become one of the richest players in Clyde’s Escape by taking advantage of our unique Money Mod.

Clyde’s Escape is a cool platformer with the original gameplay mechanics. The main character here will be controlled by artificial intelligence. He will move by himself, jump and make decisions. The players will build in front of him the level of the elements presented in the set. It is necessary to quickly respond to changes in events, the appearance of monsters and help the character as you can. Unusualness and fascination make the game extremely intriguing for all fans of this genre.

Set our cool Money Mod and improve the gameplay in the exciting game Clyde’s Escape.


Clyde's Escape APK Mod Clyde's Escape APK Mod Clyde's Escape APK Mod Clyde's Escape APK Mod


Download Clyde’s Escape : Money Mod

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